Private Car Comprehensive Insurance Policy

Private Car Comprehensive Insurance Policy

Private Car Insurance

Private Car Comprehensive Insurance Policy

The policy can be issued to cover all types of private cars.

The policy covers

Losses caused by all accidents including those due to collision, earthquake, flood, riot, strike and malicious acts.

Undertakes to reimburse the expenses incurred

  • Towards repair/replacement of parts of the vehicle, or
  • To pay the market value of the vehicle in case of a total loss, provided that the originating cause of such damage is an accident, including theft.

It covers the legal liability of insured towards third party personal injury and property damage arising out of an accident involving the insured vehicle

You can opt for the following extensions

  • Legal liability to the paid driver, cleaner or any workman.
  • Personal accident to the occupants.
  • Unlimited Legal liability towards property, damage of  Third Party.
  • Luggage or Caravan Trailer.

The policy does not cover

  • Any accidents outside the geographical area of India. (This can be extended, on request, to include the areas of Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh)
  • Consequential loss, normal wear and tear.
  • Driving without valid license for that class of vehicle. Driving under the influence of  liquor/ drugs.
  • Vehicle not being used as per the regulations of registration.

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