Industry Care insurance policy

Industry Care Insurance Policy


Industry Care Insurance Policy

This is a package policy of various sections available to small and medium size business houses with¬†manufacturing / industrial risks’, having sum insured upto Rs. 100 Crores. This policy is a package policy, designed to offer a range of benefits, arranged in different sections. It is a flexible package which not only gives the choice to identify the risks against which the proposer would like to protect his/her business, it also lets the proposer determine the extent of cover against each indentified risk. Thus, one can develop ones very own customized policy in accordance with the specific needs.

The policy covers

  • Fire & Allied Perils : Covers the building (optional) as well as plant and machinery, furniture, fixtures and fittings, electrical installations and stock and stock-in-trade in the business premises.
  • Fire Loss of Profit : Covers loss due to interruption or interference with the business carried on by the proposer at the premises specified and covered under Section I, in consequence of loss, destruction, or damage indemnifiable under Section I subject to sum insured.
  • Machinery Breakdown: Covers all electrical & mechanical appliances, against loss or damage due to unforeseen and sudden accidental physical damage caused “by and solely due to mechanical or electrical breakdown.
  • Electronic Equipments / Appliances: The electronic appliances, equipment or electronic installations and portable computers are covered against damage or breakdown under this Section.Computersoftware and programs (other than those developed in-house), data & data carrying devices, can also be covered under the policy.
  • Burglary & Housebreaking : Covers plant and machinery, furniture, fixtures and fittings, electrical installations and stock and stock-in- trade in the business premises and damage to the business premises or safe resulting from burglary or housebreaking, or any attempt threat.
  • Money Insurance : Covers loss of money arising out of a accident or misfortune while in transit or its loss from the safe / till in the business premises.
  • Goods in-Transit: Covers all transit of goods consisting of raw material, finished goods, semi- finished goods, spares, consumables etc. It covers transit of raw materials etc. into the premises and transit to finished goods out of the premises i.e.. inland transits (inward and outward), imports and exports.
  • Personal Accident : Covers Death, Permanent Total/Partial Disablement and. TemporaryTotal Disablement.
  • Infidelity/Dishonesty of Employees : Covers against any direct pecuniary loss caused by the dishonest act / infidelity of employees.
  • Legal LiabilityTowards Employees: Any legal liability towards employees under Fatal Accidents Act 1855/ Workmen’s Compensation act 1923 can be covered under this Section.
  • Legal Liability Towards Third Parties : Covers legal liability to pay compensation to third parties, in accordance with the Indian Law subject to limitations.
  • Boiler and Pressure Plant: Covers boilers and pressure plants. Premium Discounts/Loading

This policy does not cover

  • The loss or damage due to war and / or warlike perils, nuclear and / or atomic radiation.
  • Loss or damage due to wear and tear, gradual deterioration or slowly developing flaws.
  • Consequential loss of any kind.
  • Loss of or damage caused by or due to action of any lawfully constituted authority or , Government body.
  • Loss or damage for which the manufacturer or supplier or repairer or transporter or any other third part is responsible either in law or under a contract.

Apart from the above all the standard exclusions of the respective policies shall also be applicable for the respective sections.

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